UrbaCon /UCC/ diversifies to support wider audience

Qatar based main contractor Urbacon announces the launch offour new subsidiaries.

UrbaCon has announced the launch of four companies which will act as subsidiaries and help to diversify and support the parent company’s operations in Qatar, as well as other contractors .

The companies, named as UCC Gypsum, Profession, Zebrano and Marble Stone, each offer niche services that are suppleme ntal to the construction business and have been created to meet the anticipated demands of Qatar’s continued development.

UCC Gypsum was established to produce GRG, FRG and GRC, Profession to produce and supply aluminium, Zebra no, for bespoke interior fit outs, and Marble Stone as a high-tech stone factory, working primarily with marble and granite.

Speaking at Project Qatar 2013, UrbaCon CEO Moutaz Khayyat said, “While not all of these companies are brand new,they are in terms of their launch in Qatar.We are delighted that UCC Gypsum, Profession, Zebra no and Marble Stone were able to make such a great impression at this year’s Project Qatar 2013 and we look forward seeing the residual effects through our order books.”

UrbaCon managing director Ramez Khayyat commented, “With aluminium representing a versatile metal in the construction market, we believe that Profession will be able to support a wide area of the national supply chain from hotels, shopping malls, mega housing projects and high-rises. As an important component of the construction market we will endeavour to ensure a consistent level of supply, in tandem with national development.”

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